The Truth About Diabetes and Your Smile

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A known risk to an individual’s health often arises due to concerns about the inability of their body to process sugar correctly, which is known as diabetes. Diabetes is a common, yet severe condition that affects nearly 10 percent of the American population. Due to the widespread prevalence of diabetes, our dentists can provide additional treatments and procedures to help ensure that further oral health risks do not arise due to the presence of the disease.

Diabetes can also affect your smile because it can lead to a downturn in saliva. Saliva is a naturally produced substance that may be pivotal for keeping your mouth clean, as it can wash away debris and neutralize acids in your mouth. Furthermore, diabetes can even lead to complications with an increase in recovery time. It is important to make sure that you are receiving the adequate care to keep your mouth safe from diseases such as gum disease. If gum disease does arise, it could, in turn, increase your blood sugar and cause further complications for your diabetes. If you are suffering from diabetes, be sure to let our dentists know so that appropriate treatments and accommodations can be made.

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