Preventing Injuries From Oral Piercings

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Mouth jewelry could be an oral health hazard because it can cause damage to your teeth and gums. If mouth jewelry is placed incorrectly, you may end up with several health problems. Always speak with one of our dentists before using any type of mouth jewelry such as lip or tongue rings and be aware of the implications of doing so.

Cleaning out your mouth is an intricate part of your oral health care, you always want to avoid products that can easily inhibit the use of your brushes or floss. However, lip and tongue rings can end up in the way and can make cleaning your mouth out more difficult not only for you but our dentists as well. Tongue rings can lead to permanent nerve damage if they are placed incorrectly. Furthermore, infectious diseases, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, allergic reactions and oral inflammation are possible due to lip and tongue rings. If that wasn’t bad enough, parts can break off and become tooth hazards.

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